Goodyear Farm Tires Expand Range for European Market

Sep 4, 2019

One of the most established and well respected brands of agricultural tyres is making a welcome return to the UK and Europe.

Goodyear Farm Tires are now available to purchase via distributors after Titan International introduced the famous brand back into the UK and European markets following a five year absence.

With a heritage and expertise dating back more than 120 years, the return of Goodyear Farm Tires will be seen by farmers as a significant landmark.

Many of the 36-strong range of Goodyear Farm Tires – which have specific designs for sprayers, harvesters and industrial applications – are already available.

The remainder of the newly-launched portfolio is due to be on the market by the end of April, with plans already in place to expand the range over the next 18 months.

Lindsay Hart, European Sales Manager of Titan International, said: “We are hugely excited to be bringing Goodyear Farm Tires back to the UK and mainland Europe and we are expecting a very positive reaction from the agriculture community.

“The name Goodyear has been synonymous with agriculture for well over a century and it has been trusted for generations by the people at the heart of the farming industry.

“Goodyear has a long-established heritage, and with that comes a high degree of knowledge behind the products and trust from customers.

“We are also acutely aware of – and ready to meet – the increasing challenges facing the industry and are confident we have a range of products to suit all the needs of the farming community.

“Innovation, reliability and performance are so important for our customers and they are the principles which will be at the heart of how we drive Goodyear Farm Tires forward in the months and years to come.

“We have built a strong distribution network in the UK and in major European countries such as France, Germany, Italy and Spain and are continuing to expand that.”

The Goodyear Farm Tire range has a mixture of bias tyres – with their durable design, additional stability and rugged sidewalls – and radial tyres, which have stiff belts in the tread area that restrict growth and stabilise lugs when they contact the ground.

Tyre categories available from Goodyear include Increased Flexion, Very High Flexion, Cyclical Field Operation and IF-CFO.

Titan International has been manufacturing Goodyear Farm Tires in America for more than a decade and has recently purchased the licence for the European and UK markets. It has also made a significant investment in new plant and equipment to manufacture tyres which meet Economic Commission for Europe regulations.

Lindsey added: “Goodyear is a flagship brand in agriculture and there will be many customers who will be familiar with the products and the reliability, performance and durability they provide.

“We are excited about reuniting them with Goodyear Farm Tires, and giving new customers the chance to start their own journey with such a trusted and well-respected brand.”