Celebrating women in farming

Mar 6, 2020

Here at Goodyear Farm Tires, we are honoured to serve all agricultural communities – but today we pay special tribute to the growing number of female farmers.

International Women’s Day gives us the chance to shine the spotlight on the outstanding work that females do across the industry.

Here we catch up with a couple of farming females who are making an increasing impression in agriculture.

Olivia Holt, from Lancashire, @livs_limousins over on Instagram, was born into a farming family and is proud to be the fourth generation of farmer in her family.

She said: “My Dad always wanted me to be a solicitor, so I went to university, did my law degree and got a job at a solicitors as a paralegal. It wasn’t for me, and I didn’t enjoy being in an office, so I left.

“I now specialise in dairy and beef cows, working in dairy and having beef cows at the family farm. I also have my own Limousin cattle, which I hope to show later this year. I enjoy writing about my experiences and have a blog called Liv’s Limousins where I post about farming life.

“It’s the simple but good things that bring satisfaction to the job – when a cow has a healthy calf, when a cow recovers from and illness, even putting the cows out after a long winter. So often in farming things can go wrong, so it’s these little things that bring me satisfaction.

“Sometimes women are underestimated in the farming industry, I for one am very proud to be a female farmer and it is great to see more women in agriculture.”

Emma O’Connor, @annasdairygoatfarm over on Instagram, has been running Anna’s Dairy Goat Farm in Carbury, Co, Kildare.

She said: “I got into to goat farming completely by accident, however I had always hoped to work with animals from a young age after I studied equine stud management at college.

“After completing the course, I couldn’t find a job that suited me as I have a younger brother with autism who requires 24/7 care.

“I needed to be able to work from home, so that led to some research to see what I could farm on the two acres of land I owned.

“Goat farming seemed the best option, so I bought two milking goats and the rest is history. We specialise in goat dairy farming and hope in late spring 2020 to bring out a range of products including goat’s cheese, goat yogurt and a goat’s milk kefir, which is a probiotic drink.

“There are many elements of farming that bring me satisfaction but the one that brings me the most is definitely kidding season. Although it can be the toughest time of the year, I enjoy bringing new life into the farm and all that goes with it.

“I am very proud to be a female farmer, as I have overcome some battles to be where I am today. I hope to show through my Instagram that women can run and manage a farming enterprise.”